Kyo Bar Japonais: Kanpai!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Disclaimer:  This meal was comped.

The Pitch

What do you do after conquering steakhouses, French restaurants and pizzerias?  The Antonopoulos Group went in a radical new direction with their latest venture, opening a Japanese izakaya in the space that housed the late Aix Cuisine du Terroir.  Tonight we attended a media tasting event to sample their menu.

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The Mood

Think of Kyo as a Japanese brasserie, where you can sit at the bar for a drink or enjoy a meal among friends at a communal table, all in an upbeat, sophisticated atmosphere.

The Food

Start with traditional and reinvented izakaya classics, add a sushi bar, a few shochu-inspired cocktails, a large selection of sake, and you have Kyo's elaborate menu.  We got to sample a bit of everything tonight, as the staff kept us busy with cocktails and two types of sake: nigori and ginjo.


"green soy beans with salt"

Ika Fry

"fried calamari served with spicy mayonnaise"

Scallop Ceviche with Yuzu

"cherry tomatoes, red onions, leeks"

Maguro Tataki

"tuna served with ponzu sauce, jalapenos, green onions"


"grilled beef tongue with Korean sauce"

Snake Makis

"tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado"

Nigiri Omakase

"chef's combo"

Donuts with Yuzu, Condensed Milk and Black Sesame

The Verdict

Whether you're a fan of sake or not, Kyo's huge list is more than enough to school you in it.  The sake cocktails are a great introduction for those who don't like it, while Japanese pub grub and sushi round up your night of great drinks.  With Kyo's interesting decor and prime location it's sure to have many people stop by and stay a while.

Kyo Bar Japonais

711 Côte de la Place d'Armes
H2Y 2W7

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